Make the most of your building automation system today

August 31, 2022

Make the most of your Smart Building automation system today

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In any company or industry, the performance and output of the staff are heavily influenced by the infrastructure. Likewise, intelligent and effective infrastructure can help improve lives in the household too. With IoT, one can finally take their building management system from a conventional, outdated model to an intelligent building automation system.

This blog covers what an Intelligent building management system (iBMS) is and how it can help.

Building Automation System Powered By IoT

The internet of things allows us to build an ecosystem of devices that can communicate with one another and also allow remote access to the user. For a vast and scattered use case like smart buildings, it is necessary that all the aspects are taken care of accurately with minimum effort. IoT can help achieve that.

The use of IoT allows devices to automate processes through a handful of triggers originated by the sensor devices, and they can lead to the associated output actuator. The goal of an Intelligent Building Automation System (iBMS) is to build an easy-to-use ecosystem that is self-sustaining, accurate, and creates value for all users.

Gaps in conventional building management

Managing a big infrastructure always needs a big system. Previously, the building management systems used to be discrete and disconnected where different areas of the building, such as security, electricity, lighting, HVAC, etc., would be taken care of in an individualistic manner.

Such discrete management can’t keep up with the growing demands of users or keep up with intuitive innovations. For growth, sustainability, productivity, and cost-cutting, such obsolete building management systems had to change. There has to be a better, connected, automatic, and intelligent way to manage infrastructure.

That’s where IoT comes into the picture.IoT allows the implementation of a connected ecosystem where devices can communicate with each other, operate through real-time data, and perform actions based on time-based or condition-based triggers. Such intelligent BMS performs faster, consumes energy sustainably, reduces room for error, allows customisation, and leads us to a futuristic lifestyle.

Three main areas where iBMS can help!

Intelligent building management refers to leveraging connectivity, sensors, actuators, edge devices, and processors to establish an infrastructure that improves livelihood in different areas. To better understand the potential of an intelligent building management solution, here are some key advantages:

-  Insightful visibility:

A key advantage of a smart building management solution is that it operates with a digital infrastructure using sensors, data logging, and events.All of this stored information can be useful to gain insights for the building administrators even while the iBMS is operating without human interference.

These insights can be real-time or spanned out across the past history. Analysers can zoom in on these insights and identify fruitful facility usage patterns, human presence, ambient environment, power consumption, and similar patterns. The building automation system can even send notifications on the trigger conditions in alarming situations.

-  Sustainable existence:

The current ecosystem developed over a period has lacked somewhere when it comes to sustainability & ecological goals. In such times, organisational policies and executions portray their values. An iBMS can not only watch after your power consumption but can also look for unusual consumption patterns and forecast energy needs.

A sustainable building management system can be as simple as using the lights only when a room is occupied, and natural lighting is nonexistent. Smart building management solutions use smart IoT devices that can work with low-power technologies like LoRaWAN and go to deep sleep when they are not in use- using power in an intelligent manner.

-  Productivity & livelihood:

Coming to the bigger picture, smart building automation helps improve the productivity and livelihood of all the occupants. The ecosystem of M2M, IoT, and wireless connectivity allows buildings to automate many of the actions induced by electronic devices.

iBMS can smoothen the day-to-day activities, whether it is managing air quality, keeping the temperature in check, opening/closing doors, or turning on the water heater after using the coffee maker. Similarly, it can also watch over the infrastructure using live stream monitoring, analysing, and even detecting fires.

Looking after occupants' health is another key factor in building automation solutions. To put things in perspective, it can help users to breathe clean air indoors, help identify pollutants, alarm for fire breakouts, and maintain a healthy temperature. Such a system can increase productivity for organisations by creating a healthy and nurturing workplace for workers.

How does iBMS work?

The working of an iBMS is quite similar to that of an IoT solution, with one major difference being that iBMS aspires to be an ecosystem of different smart building devices. Here, a variety of IoT devices, sensors, actuators, edge processors, and gateways work together for several unique applications on an infrastructure.

The sensors can include ambient sensors(light, temperature, and humidity), motion detection sensors, thermal sensors, gyroscopes, and many more. These sensors can then communicate with each other and the gateway device using low-power and long-range technologies like LoRaWAN.

All of this data is then collected with an edge processor to process it and extract useful insights. Such useful insights are then shared with the internet cloud database using a gateway device. The end users can then access that data right through their smartphones and personal computers.

Several examples of a working iBMS

Here are some of the applications of iBMS to give you an idea of how you can use and implement them:

-  Connecting HVAC solution with air quality monitoring sensor to automate their function

-  Monitoring power consumption across the facility using IoT energy meters and LoRaWAN

-  Collecting usage patterns of devices using IoT to understand consumption, forecasting, and any outbreaks

-  Process live video streams on edge devices to identify any suspicious occurrences as they take place in real time.

-  Ensuring that only the right works are using the authorised areas through IoT access control in smart buildings


Infodeck offers a handful of IoT solutions and devices that can be a great fit for your building automation system. Our sensors and gateways could be ideal for low-cost and long-lasting implementations of iBMS. Additionally, our cloud platform, and mobile app allow the users to implement easy and accessible technology solutions.

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Make the most of your building automation system today

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