Provide a clean, safe, and comfortable environment

Experience hygiene, the smart way

Smart Toilet with sensors

Increase efficiency, improved hygiene, and enhance satisfaction


Efficient, convenient, comfortable


Odours and ventilation

Detect unpleasant smells and trigger the Air Handling Unit to replaces the extracted air with clean, fresh air

Alerts and notifications

Stay informed about the restroom's condition, address issues promptly and assign a work order automatically

Ventilation activation

iBMS activates the ventilation system, like an exhaust fan or AHU to increase airflow and extract smelly air from the restroom

Efficient maintenance

Prioritise and schedule necessary repairs and cleaning, keeping facilities in optimal condition

50% faster

Reduce response time

Automate issue identification and reporting, allow maintenance teams to address problems more quickly

40% improvement

Increase labour efficiency

Prioritising tasks based on urgency and location, less time in travel and deal wth non-critical tasks

25% reduction

Lower maintenance costs

Better resource allocation, data-driven decision-making, proactive maintenance strategies

30% decrease

Reduce downtime

Identify issues before they escalate to ensure facilities remain operational and minimising disruptions
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Water leakage detection

Contribute to efficient facility management, resource conservation, and cost savings

Preventive and predictive

Quickly identify water leaks, helping reduce water wastage and prevent costly damages

Data on water usage

Enable building managers to analyse trends and identify further conservation

Occupancy and flow analysis

Sensors detect the presence of people in a room or area and automatically turn lights on or off accordingly

Efficient facility management

Restroom usage patterns, enabling them to optimise cleaning schedules and allocate resources

Hygiene and cleanliness

Ensure restrooms are cleaned and maintained regularly, especially during peak usage times

Improve user experience

Real-time information about toilet occupancy can be displayed on a Infodeck mobile app

Safety and security

Identify potential safety issues, overcrowding or unauthorised access and accidents


Cloud-native application development

Tell us about the projects you're working on or planning. We will help you identify the best technology to suit your needs, ensuring we treat yours as passionately as we treat our own.

Smart solution design and integration

Transform your spaces, facilities and services through intelligent automation to drive remarkable outcomes. Allow us to collaborate with you to streamline all aspects to perfection.

Data analytics with modern tools

Eager to extend beyond conventional dashboard widgets and charts? Our customised widgets and third-party analytics tools are tailored to meet your advanced requirements.

Digital twin consultant and integration

Understand your business operations logic and analysis your requirements with feasibility and schedule. Work with legacy systems and data aggregation integration for the best visual result.

Cloud architecture design and develop

For over seven years, we have been building various applications on the AWS cloud, ensuring steady and optimal performance that is both cost-effective and efficient for your workloads.

Manage your applications and cloud

Managing configuring applications on PaaS can be tricky. To ensure continuous, seamless operations, we provide managed services for customised projects.

Managing Facilities on The Deck Today

Ask us about plans, pricing, implementation, or anything else. Our knowledgeable colleagues are ready to help.

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