Collect QR code feedback or engage in a continuous conversation can never be easier

Either feedback or conduct surveys for location and asset management


Touch-less, easy instant deployment


Minutes Minutes to launch the feedback system, your brand

No-code and user friendly customisation interface to create feedback collect or conduct a conversational survey

Without IT hassle and great for the operational team initiative

Flexible and easy to operate for the instant upgrade from any location or asset

More than just locations, you can also create QR codes for the facility assets

RapidlyDeploy, easily scale up and maintain

Assess the performance of your contractors and determine if they have surpassed the set standards

Enhance facilities management and asset upkeep from the user aspect

Why bother with extra work? No need to worry about sanitisation and maintenance, alternative from device-based feedback systems

Makes it quick and straightforward for users to provide their thoughts on whatever product or service you're offering


Collect QR code feedback or conversational service in a massive scale

Export Overall Statistics: A holistic view of comprehensive stats on active and inactive feedback, unique users, and more. Tracking engagement and effectiveness over time

Export Feedback: Export user feedback data for further analysis and reporting. Identify trends, assess user satisfaction, and make informed decisions about your facilities

Integration with Location and Asset ID: Enabling users to give specific feedback on different areas and assets within your facility. Pinpoint where improvements are needed and prioritise maintenance activities

Turn Feedback into Work Orders: Convert user feedback into work orders. Ensure prompt response to user concerns and efficient allocation of resources

Secure and algorithm preventing multiple feedback entries

Data Integrity: Ensure each user can only submit one feedback entry per asset or location within a given timeframe, the system prevents skewed or biased results, leading to more accurate and reliable data

Fair Representation: All users' opinions are equally represented. It prevents a single user from dominating the feedback process and allows for a broad range of experiences and perspectives to be captured

Prevention of Spamming: Effectively minimises the risk of spamming. By limiting the number of feedback entries from a single user, it discourages misuse of the feedback system

Enhanced Security: Identify unique users and monitor their feedback submission patterns, the system can provide an additional layer of security. Suspicious activity, such as a sudden influx


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