Maintenance operations transparency with paperless work orders

Predict maintenance needs, prevent equipment failures, minimise downtime while streamline operations, reduce costs and better respond


Digital trails and collaboration

CMMS and work order


Stay on top of resourceresource allocation and reports

Ensure technicians are focused on high-priority tasks, reduce the likelihood of wasted time or effort

Gain insights into workforce productivity and task completion rates

Track individual technician performance with task completion rates and response times, to identify areas for improvement

Preventive maintenance with scheduled inspections and servicing of equipment or facility areas to ensure proper upkeep

PreventionPrevention, prediction and correction approach simplified

Automate preventive maintenance tasks based on specific conditions, such as equipment runtime or usage

Continuously monitor equipment condition with sensors, such as temperature, pressure, vibration, and humidity

Schedule maintenance tasks more effectively, and minimising equipment downtime

Send work orders, attach relevant images, SOPs, checklists, or procedures and check the history


Live sensorsensor data for better decision-making

Provide valuable insights into equipment performance and maintenance needs, enable informed decision-making and facilitate continuous improvement efforts

Improved asset management make informed decisions about asset lifecycle management, replacement strategies, and capital investment planning

Seamless IoT integration and management on a single platform with no additional costs

Auto trigger work orders or initiate an approval flow based on predefined thresholds

RemoteRemote diagnostics and control whenever needed

Remote analysis of equipment conditions and identify potential issues without needing to be on-site, reducing response time and costs

Monitor equipment performance and usage patterns remotely, data-driven decisions for optimised maintenance schedules and asset life extension

Easily integrate new IoT devices and expand your remote monitoring and control capabilities as your business grows

Diagnose and configure connected equipment remotely with secure


CollaborateCollaborate and thrive by teamwork anywhere, anytime

[NEW] Live chat system and interaction with teams

Share documents, images, and notes with team members to facilitate better decision-making and problem-solving

Stay connected with your team and receive instant updates on work orders, tasks, and progress

Quickly assign and prioritise tasks, enabling teams to address urgent issues promptly

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