Revolutionising facilities management by seamlessly integrating IoT, intelligent workflows, and user-centric design

Achieve operational excellence, reduce costs, decarbonise your operations, and stay ahead of the curve with our data-driven smart facilities management platform.



The beginning

Infodeck Technology

A group of talented programmers, along with a solution-oriented head, collaboratively design and create a platform suited to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as managed service providers.

Launched an universal IoT platform

A IoT platform works with IoT gateways and industrial sensors, allowing complete customisation of data streams and offering select dashboard widgets.



Award winning development team

We're proud to be recognised as AWS's best technology partner. We also shot a video to showcase our architecture design to the world.

Designed and deployed various IoT platforms for MNCs

We offer IoT management platforms customised for diversified industries & maintenance services that monitor performance via regular architecture checks, ensuring optimal functionality.


2022 was born in Singapore

The IMDA PIXEL Incubatee, SGBC member and Digital Transformation Chapter member of SGTECH. We have utilised our expertise in IoT and cloud platforms to elevate the functionality of Smart Facility Management in Smart Buildings, driving sustainability, empowering progress.

Part of Karin Group (SGX:K29) family

We are thrilled to announce that Infodeck Technology is now proudly part of the Karin Group. This exciting development marks a new chapter in our journey, as we continue to innovate and deliver exceptional service to our valued customers and ecosystem partners.



Cloud-native application

Tell us about the projects you're working on or planning. We will help you identify the best technology to suit your needs, ensuring we treat yours as passionately as we treat our own.

Smart solution design and integration

Transform your spaces, facilities and services through intelligent automation to drive remarkable outcomes. Allow us to collaborate with you to streamline all aspects to perfection.

Data analytics with modern tools

Eager to extend beyond conventional dashboard widgets and charts? Our customised widgets and third-party analytics tools are tailored to meet your advanced requirements.

Digital twin consultant and integration

Understand your business operations logic and analysis your requirements with feasibility and schedule. Work with legacy systems and data aggregation integration for the best visual result.

Manage your applications and cloud

Managing configuring applications on PaaS can be tricky. To ensure continuous, seamless operations, we provide managed services for customised projects.


Singapore Headquarters





We are looking for ambitious, hardworking and passionate individuals to join our team at Infodeck. Our goal is to create a work environment that fosters collaboration and offers opportunities to grow professionally. If you feel you have the right qualifications and mindset then we look forward to hearing from you!

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