An open IoT platform with integrated processes and team

Access all the tools needed to build, operate and scale your facilities management, no matter what stage or size in one place

Unknown data with known process

Design a deckboard caters to teams and projects

Cross-functional collaboration: Foster collaboration and provide a unified view of IoT data across departments.

Scalability: Customised dashboards can be easily adapted as an organisation's IoT network grows, ensuring that the platform remains effective and user-friendly.

Remote access and control: Enable users to monitor and manage connected devices from any location.

Default data widgets, along with insightful analytics, offer valuable information and in-depth analysis.

Secure and reliable LoRaWAN cloud hosting

Build your LoRaWAN network with gateway provision and sensor management.

Powered by AWS and choose from multiple regions that compliant to local data privacy rules.

Compatible the majority of LoRaWAN vendors with BYOL (Bring-your-own-lora)

Integration ready for the 3rd party LoRaWAN hosting services.


Smart widgets for insight and analytics

Select informative and interactable widgets with no-code needed!

Transform intricate information into simple, digestible chunks - without guessing the incidents.

Utilising diverse widgets tailored to the specific needs of various groups within teams.

Becomes possible to make judgments based on trends and patterns identified within the data.

Site locations and zone categorisation for all sizes

Relate data to the physical dimensions of the environment. Unlock the full potential of space information.

Manage vast townships, multiple sites and properties, by breaking them down into floors and zones.

Expedite asset tracking and efficiently manage overall facility value, monitor expenditures diligently on consumption and maintenance.

Manage your premises by upload floor plans of each level and keep detailed records of assets with images and maintenance SOPs.


Purpose-built, data-driven and operational focused

Keep your business processes and logic up-to-date with instant technology updates

Increase visibility for better monitoring, control, and optimisation of various processes

Data from sensors provides valuable context, identify trends, detect anomalies, and make data-driven decisions that drive growth and efficiency

Gain insights from untapped data sources can fuel innovation, and unlock fresh business opportunities that were previously unknown

Managing Facilities on The Deck Today

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