Resilient connections between cloud and on-site aggregation

Create a secure tunnel in the cloud platform for seamless management and configuration of micro-services that adapt to any updates or changes


Upgradable intelligence for local hosts


Software-defined edge adaptivityadaptivity

Monitor EdgeGO performance on the cloud platform

Deploy micro-services across multiple applications, offering a simple and efficient solution for organisations

LoRaWAN local host support, ensure resiliency and enable actuator automation

Compatible with Building Management Systems (BMS), making integration a breeze

ExchangeExchange information between systems, data input or output

Send siloed system data via MQTT protocol to the EdgeGO

Combine on-site data to the cloud platform via secured tunnel

Raw data extraction for advanced analytics purposes

Communicate with on-site systems and different protocols


Highest level of securitysecurity by default

128-bit AES algorithms are used to provide authentication and integrity to the Infodeck platform services

X.509 authentication protocol helps protect user data and ensure that only authorised users have access

Data encryption and secured tunnel communication with the cloud

Stay updated the EdgeGO software and micro-services from the cloud central management

Compatible with widely-used industrialindustrial protocols

BACnet support allows seamless communication between equipments and cross different protocols

Maximise the advantages of modern technology by leveraging existing OT infrastructure to unleash the full potential

Modbus, BACnet, and IoT networks work synergistically to achieve optimal results for automation and scalability

The MQTT protocol enables a high degree of possible integration in various systems


Establish connection between on-premiseson-premises and cloud platform

Get the best of both worlds with an optimal approach that guarantees both efficacy and serenity

Distributed intelligence across your project implementations can yield substantial benefits

Automated rules can execute even without an internet connection, thanks to redundancy and resilient design

Minimise risks and interoperability when upgrading from existing systems

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