Effortlessly deploy customised smart applications for sustainability

Intelligent BMS and iBMS

Why spend on multi-system integration when smart solutions designed for a greener tomorrow are available today


Integrated, IoT and intelligent


Optimise Optimise energy usage and track consumption

Lower utility bills and operational expenses by optimising energy consumption

Efficient energy management contributes to a smaller carbon footprint and supports green initiatives

Intelligently adjust building operations during peak demand periods to reduce strain on the grid

Optimise usage to reduce wear and tear, extend equipment lifespan and reduce maintenance costs

Building automationautomation and control, done smart way

Centralised control simplified management and promotes efficient resource allocation

Automated adjustments to HVAC and lighting systems ensure a comfortable environment for building users

Intelligent control helps minimise energy waste, further contribute to cost savings and sustainability

Detect potential issues, timely maintenance and reduced downtime


RemoteRemote monitoring and IoT integration

Access to real-time data enables prompt decision-making and immediate response to building issues

Continuous monitoring helps identify inefficiencies and opportunities for optimisation

Flexibility and convenience, manage from any location, using a variety of connected devices

Faster detection and immediate action in critical situations

ScalableScalable technology and customisable Smart applications

Intelligent BMS

Custom applications cater to the unique needs and requirements of each building, different spaces to ensure optimal performance

Easily adapt to accommodate growth or changes in building systems, adaptive for various building types and sizes

Work in harmony with existing building systems, avoid compatibility issues and simplify implementation

Buildings equipped with advanced technology stand out in the market and attract tenants seeking modern, efficient spaces


InsightfulInsightful data analytics and reporting

Intelligent BMS and Integrated

Informed decision-making: Access to data-driven insights helps building managers make strategic decisions that optimise performance and efficiency

Predictive maintenance: Analysis of equipment performance data allows for early identification of potential issues, reducing downtime and maintenance costs

Identify areas for improvement and support sustainability initiatives and ESG strategy for businesses

Occupant behaviour and feedbacks: Inform building management strategies and improve user satisfaction

Managing Facilities on The Deck Today

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