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Decarbonise, Optimise and Simplify

Integrated IoT platform

Sensor data with insightful data dashboard and rules

A suite of comprehensive tools that aims to simplify and streamline the process of delivering maintenance works efficiently with real-time data

Associate sensors to designated zones and locations

Informative smart widgets for analytics and making decisions

IoT network management for the live status and performance

Modules for application plug-in at different Stages

Work Order and Maintenance Management

Work orders based on conditions or schedule with team functions

Enable Smart Facilities Management paperless automatic work order assignment based on data or time, for improved efficiency and precise scheduling with measurable results

Stay updated with the latest work orders on both Android and iOS

Manual requests or automatic triggers based on certain thresholds

Easy of track the status and progress of overall performance

Location QR code and customer acceptance signature functions

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Facilities Asset Management

Asset lifespan management while cost savings

The strategic process of maximising the value, efficiency, and lifespan of a facility's physical assets, such as buildings, equipment, and infrastructure

All assets location, condition, warranty and maintenance history

Create, assign, and track work orders for maintenance tasks

Identify inefficiencies and provide insights for improvement

Asset-related costs, acquisition, maintenance, depreciation

Energy Monitoring and Analytics

Unlock efficiency and sustainability drive Smart energy decisions

Smart FM, Smart Facilities Management

An EMS is vital for optimising energy consumption, reducing costs, and promoting sustainability for a greener future

Witness how optimised workflows can improve your electricity usage

Receive real-time notifications for potential issues or deviations

Gathers data from various energy-consuming devices and systems

Demand forecasting by analysing historical data and current trends

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On-Premises Edge Computing

Secure and resilience transmission between cloud and on-premises

Ensure uncompromised cross-industrial protocol communication between legacy and new systems, migrate the former to the cloud

Uninterrupted internet connection automated rules

Support common protocols like Modbus, BACnet and AI framworks

Configure and monitoring EdgeGO performance from anywhere

LoRaWAN and MQTT servers available for the local connections

QR Code-Based Feedback System

Asset & location-specific feedback with the power of precision

IoT platform and Smart FM for Smart Buildings and improve facilities management

The direct line of communication allows facility manager to promptly address any issues, prevent costly maintenance problems, and turn it into Smart FM

Pinpoint improvements for specific assets and locations

Show your customers you value their overall experience

No wiring, no installation. Just place it and start to collect feedback

Real-time report and analytics for the improvement strategy

Intelligent Building Management System

"i" for intelligent and IoT ready, smart and get connected

Improving the system's efficiency while reducing the carbon footprint has never been easier with Smart FM by leveraging automation and sensor data

Automates lighting, HVAC, energy  and enhanced occupant comfort

Continuous monitoring for minimising downtime and cost

Reduces utility costs through reduced carbon emissions

Unlock potential with AI, digital twin and siloed system integration

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