Indoor and vertical farming

Innovative farming techniques to transform agriculture

Boosting efficiency, sustainability, for future farming success


Precise, automated, connected


Smart environmental controls

Automatically adjust temperature, humidity, and lighting based on real-time sensor data

Optimal growing conditions

For each crop and types and maximising yield while minimising resource waste

Make informed decisions

Accurate and actionable information to tailor their farming practices accordingly

Precision drip irrigation

Optimise irrigation through automated workflow by alert types and task assignments


Reduce energy consumption

Automatically turning off lights when spaces are unoccupied, according to schedules or based on occupancy


Reduce labour cost

Centralised platform which collect and transmit data on parameters such as temperature, humidity, light intensity etc

Remote crop monitoring

Live data for make informed decisions and adjust the environmental conditions accordingly, remotely

Increased efficiency

Quicker respond to changing conditions in the farm, ensure its optimal conditions

Data-driven decisions

Make evidence-based decisions regarding the farm's operations


Cloud-native application development

Tell us about the projects you're working on or planning. We will help you identify the best technology to suit your needs, ensuring we treat yours as passionately as we treat our own.

Smart solution design and integration

Transform your spaces, facilities and services through intelligent automation to drive remarkable outcomes. Allow us to collaborate with you to streamline all aspects to perfection.

Data analytics with modern tools

Eager to extend beyond conventional dashboard widgets and charts? Our customised widgets and third-party analytics tools are tailored to meet your advanced requirements.

Digital twin consultant and integration

Understand your business operations logic and analysis your requirements with feasibility and schedule. Work with legacy systems and data aggregation integration for the best visual result.

Cloud architecture design and develop

For over seven years, we have been building various applications on the AWS cloud, ensuring steady and optimal performance that is both cost-effective and efficient for your workloads.

Manage your applications and cloud

Managing configuring applications on PaaS can be tricky. To ensure continuous, seamless operations, we provide managed services for customised projects.

Managing Facilities on The Deck Today

Ask us about plans, pricing, implementation, or anything else. Our knowledgeable colleagues are ready to help.

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