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Daikin D-BACS BACnet


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Optimise VRV Management with Daikin D-BACS, Infodeck's EdgeGo, and BACnet Integration

Infodeck.io's innovative hybrid architecture delivers a powerful integration solution for Daikin D-BACS systems. We've seamlessly connected Daikin D-BACS with Infodeck EdgeGo using the BACnet protocol. This integration unlocks centralised control of your VRV systems within BACnet Building Management Systems (BMS) and leverages the benefits of our cloud-based Smart Facilities Management solution.

What does this mean for you?

  • Unified Cloud & Edge Control: Manage your VRV systems alongside other BACnet devices through Infodeck.io's interface, and control EdgeGo's OT integrations across various protocols.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Optimize energy consumption with data-driven insights and integrated building management.
  • Simplified Operations: Centralised control streamlines workflows and reduces complexity.
  • Improved Comfort: Maintain ideal environments with fine-tuned HVAC controls.
  • Hybrid Architecture Advantage: Benefit from cloud-based analytics and scalability as well as the local data processing power of EdgeGo.

Benefits of the Hybrid Architecture

  • Flexibility: The Infodeck.io platform offers a scalable and adaptable solution that can grow alongside your needs.
  • Interoperability: BACnet is a widely adopted industry standard, ensuring compatibility with a vast range of BACnet-compliant devices and systems.
  • Future-Proof Design: This hybrid architecture positions you for future innovation and integration with emerging technologies.

Infodeck EdgeGo: The Integration Edge Computing Gateway Server Powering the Integration

Infodeck EdgeGo acts as a bridge between your VRV systems and the BACnet network. This edge computing device seamlessly translates data using BACnet, ensuring real-time communication and control between VRV units, your BACnet BMS, and the Infodeck.io cloud platform.


Infodeck's integration of Daikin D-BACS, EdgeGo, and BACnet, combined with our Cloud-based Smart Facilities Management solution, delivers a comprehensive suite for optimised VRV management. Experience the benefits of enhanced control, efficiency, comfort, and the power of our hybrid architecture.

Contact Infodeck.io today to learn more about how this integration can transform your facilities management strategy.

Daikin D-BACS BACnet

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