Loriot LoRaWAN Network Server


Loriot LoRaWAN Network Server


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We believe that integration with industry technologies and partners is crucial for maximising IoT and operational benefits. Seamless connections enable centralised data management, streamlined workflows, enhanced insights, and a robust ecosystem that delivers comprehensive, tailored solutions.


Who is Loriot

LORIOT is a global IoT company, founded in Switzerland in 2015, with the mission to enable long-range IoT solution deployments in every corner of the globe (and even space!).The Internet of Things (IoT) is a game-changer, and it is disrupting every industry sector. We provide a growing distributed Hybrid (LoRaWAN® + mioty®) infrastructure and an easy-to-use software platform that enables our users to build, operate and scale a secure IoT network.Due to a unique positioning in the LPWAN ecosystem, as both software provider and network operator, our Hybrid Network Management System is one of the most powerful, complete and secure solutions in the market. It ensures our clients who are Telcos, Utilities Companies, System Integrators, Local/City Governments, Bluechip Companies and Multinational Organisations have the highest standards for their enterprise-grade deployments.LORIOT is Contributor Member of the LoRa Alliance® and Full Member of the mioty alliance, the company is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. We are fully committed to build the future of IoT meeting the highest quality standards.

Our Vision

We envision a future where the IoT is accessible to everyone and transforms society and people’s lives for the better, improving not just processes and services but also the health of our planet and all inhabitants.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable large-scale Internet of Things across the planet and create true business value for our clients while helping to tackle the challenges confronting humanity.

Our Solution

The Network Management System is our core product.
It is the middle link between connected objects and IoT applications. It performs all the complex tasks involved in their communication and ensures reliable and secure data transmission.

It acts both as LoRaWAN® Network Server and mioty® Service Center allowing our customers to operate hybrid network infrastructure from the same interface.
LORIOT Hybrid Network Management System guarantees higher flexibility to both existing customers (often with extensive LoRaWAN® networks deployed) and new customers to pick the technology that best fit their use cases in a specific environment with specific conditions.

Loriot LoRaWAN Network Server

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