EasyIO by Johnson Controls


EasyIO by Johnson Controls


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We believe that integration with industry technologies and partners is crucial for maximising IoT and operational benefits. Seamless connections enable centralised data management, streamlined workflows, enhanced insights, and a robust ecosystem that delivers comprehensive, tailored solutions.


About EasyIO

As we see the market develop at a rapid place, implementing a new approach to enterprise management solutions will be the key.

This is why EasyIO provides solutions that bridge traditional demands and the new era of IoT and fully connected buildings. And we are doing this by simplifying our solutions for efficiency, flexibility, repeatability and quality.

We are helping all our clients to secure ongoing investment into the future whether they are building new or trying to get more out of their existing buildings and estate, bringing in new technologies or interconnecting existing ones.

Delivering secure IT based solutions that support true integration to the accepted current and future standards is our mission.

EasyIO by Johnson Controls

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