TTN LoRaWAN Network Server


TTN LoRaWAN Network Server


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We believe that integration with industry technologies and partners is crucial for maximising IoT and operational benefits. Seamless connections enable centralised data management, streamlined workflows, enhanced insights, and a robust ecosystem that delivers comprehensive, tailored solutions.


About The Things Network

We are a global collaborative Internet of Things ecosystem that creates networks, devices and solutions using LoRaWAN®.

The Things Stack

The Things Stack is a LoRaWAN® Network Server stack which is the critical component for any LoRaWAN solution. This guide quickly gets the reader up to speed with the basics of The Things Stack.

The Things Stack is an enterprise grade LoRaWAN server (that includes both the Network Server and Application Server functions mentioned in the LoRaWAN Reference architecture). In addition, The Things Stack contains services and tools to securely manage millions of LoRaWAN devices in production.

TTN LoRaWAN Network Server

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