ZH Technologies Metrix™ (Meter Interface Unit)


ZH Technologies Metrix™ (Meter Interface Unit)


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We believe that integration with industry technologies and partners is crucial for maximising IoT and operational benefits. Seamless connections enable centralised data management, streamlined workflows, enhanced insights, and a robust ecosystem that delivers comprehensive, tailored solutions.


ZH Technologies International

Climate change is driving the need for increased sustainability, and data from smart metering is a key tool to help meet the challenge.

Established in 2016, ZH Technologies International has a clear mission: to be the world’s leading Smart Utility Metering Specialist.

ZH Technologies International is a fully independent spin off from ZhiHeng Technology Co. Ltd to address the new technological era of global Smart Metering for better Sustainability. ZH Technologies International has imparted over 14 years of experience, from ZhiHeng Technology Co. Ltd, a leading integrated utilities solution provider that specialises in remote metering, energy consumption reduction solutions, and innovative IoT applications. Its products and solutions have been successfully deployed in 20 provinces, over 200 cities, and have more than 3.5 million operating meters.

ZH Technologies International is taking the lead in helping customers realise a smart, sustainable future. Committed to reducing energy waste and realising the potential of a smart energy future, ZH Technologies International’s innovative solutions are designed to make energy usage more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. Leveraging the latest technologies, ZH Technologies International is empowering its customers with the tools and insights needed to maximize savings and reduce their carbon footprint.

ZH Technologies International is not alone on this mission to empower customers to create a smart and sustainable future. We are constantly reinventing ourselves and partnering with the most reliable and dependable industry leaders in the Energy, Water, IoT and future technologies domains, providing best-in-class, outcome-oriented solutions that make sustainability transformation a reality.

Smart Water Management

Metrix™ (Meter Interface Unit)

ZH Technologies - Metrix

Metrix revolutionizes the way water meters are read. Built with a patented pulse sensor, it easily fits onto most pulse-enabled water meters and collects and transmits data in real-time to the backend devices. With a modular design and a wide range of communication modules, it’s the perfect solution to any challenging deployment. Get the most out of your water meter data with the Metrix.

We Made Smart Metering Simple. Metrix MIU, our robust, resilient and versatile IoT-enabled Water Meter Interface is the ideal choice for any residential or commercial water metering system.

ZH Technologies Metrix™ (Meter Interface Unit)

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